Car Valeting Shelters

Car Valeting Shelters

No matter how well you undertake your car valeting activities, potential customers will still reach a judgement about using your services by the way you present yourself.

It’s like the old tale – which may be true or simply an urban myth – of Eddie Stobart hiring drivers for his company. The story goes that he would always watch an interviewee when they arrived to see how they treated their own car. If they carelessly slammed the door he reckoned they would probably treat his vehicles as badly as they did their own!

Therefore, potential customers for your valeting services may well judge you by the standard of the environment you work in.

If you are operating out-of-doors you are at the mercy of the elements, both underfoot and above. Trying to produce sparkling clean vehicles on muddy, rainy, sleety – or worse – days is surely infuriating.

Customer Feedback  

"May I say we are delighted with the quality of the Work Shelters and the guys who fitted them were very good also" Bedford Body Shop

"Absolutely brilliant - does the job nicely - thank you" Premier Motor Sales

Car Valeting Bay

Create an attractive facility for your customers and protect expensive equipment from the elements with a Car valeting bay!

  1. Car Valeting Bay

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  2. Mobile Work Shelter

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